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Microsoft Imagine (a.k.a., DreamSpark or MSDN-AA)

The department of Computer Science at the University of Central Oklahoma is subscribing MSDN-AA license (Microsoft Imagine, aka, DreamSpark) so the students can use most Microsoft products free.

Who can take benefits of this license?

Computer Science / Software Engineering students - major or minor.
Other students who are currently taking at least one computer science class (The course number starting with CMSC or SE prefix). Those who took CMSC or SE courses in past semesters or will take CMSC or SE courses in next semester are NOT qualified. Current faculty of Computer Science.

What products are available?

Most Microsoft products such as Windows operating systems, Visual Studio, Project, Visio, SQL, Servers, and many others. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is NOT included.

How do I get such products?

You need to have an account with Microsoft Imagine. From the account, you can download for installation. To get or renew an account with Microsoft Imagine, do as follows: (Make a request during the semester only; Spring, Summer, or Fall. Requests are not accepted before the semester begins or once the semester is over.) You need to renew the account every semester.

  • email: from your UCO account ( to Dr. Sung (
  • Subject: Microsoft Imagine account
  • Contents: (1) Name, (2) major (3) List of CMSC/SE courses enrolled in the current (Spring, Summer, or Fall) semester

Microsoft Imagine WebStore for Computer Science, UCO: Click HERE!

Microsoft Imagine program administrator: Dr. Hong Sung