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Faculty advisement

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Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (a.k.a. Microsoft Imagine Account)

Microsoft Imagine has transitioned to an Azure Dev Tools for Teaching as of February 2019. Now you can sign in with the UCO username and password.
Sign in Azure Dev Tools

Join CS Department Official Facebook Group

News, jobs or internship announcements are currently posted at the official Facebook group of the Computer Science Department.
Join the Facebook group to stay current with the news from the Department: Join UCO CS Students
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UCO CS Students is a closed group for the current UCO students majoring BS in computer science, software engineering, data science degrees, or majoring in MS in Computer Science, or MS in Applied Math and Computer Science.
You may also join if you are admitted to a Computer Science degree.


Applications are accepted annually and due is normally on February. Available to residents, non-residents, and international students. Look for announcements via UCO emails, Computer science Facebook group, or bulletin boards at the Department.