Faculty Advisement

Starting from the semester of spring 2020, the Department of Computer Science will change the format of faculty advisement for its undergraduate students. In previous semesters, we made faculty advisement mandatary for every CS/SE major. Unfortunately, due to rising enrollment, the increased workload of advising every major every semester became unsustainable for the faculty advisors. To use existing resources more effectively, the department will change the format of faculty advisement such that only the following student groups will be advised each semester:

Students who have just entered the CS or SE major at UCO

Students who will be enrolling into the courses below in the subsequent semester(s)

If you are in the above group, a hold will NOT be placed on your account. However, you will need to obtain instructor permission to enroll into the courses. Please contact Dr. Gang Qian, Dr. Hong Sung, or Dr. Tom Turner for advisement. The faculty advisor will then provide instructor permission for you to enroll.

Planning for Your Degree Programs

Since we do not advise you every semester, please do not hesitate to contact our advisor, Ms. Mia Cruz, at mneely1@uco.edu if you have any question on course planning. You are also very welcome to contact Dr. Gang Qian (Chairperson) at gqian@uco.edu for questions.