Advisement for Enrollment: Undergraduate Students

Students are required to receive advisement from faculty advisors before enrollment each semster

Advisement Period for Spring 2020 enrollment: October 21 (Mon) ~ November 14 (Thu), 2019
If the advisement period is over, contact Dr. Qian (Chairperson)

The advisement form (CS_Advisement_Form.pdf): Click HERE to download

Three faculty advisors are available at your convenience. Click for details.
Walk-in only.
Complete and bring in the printed copy of the advisement form.
Contact Ms. Megan Castle (405.974.5717) for availability.
By appointment only
Email ( with the completed advisement form to make an appointment.
By appointment only; In-Person or via Skype. If Skype, write Skype ID on the Advisement form
Email ( the advisement form (completed PDF file, not scanned image) AT LEAST 2 HOURS before the appointment time
CLICK HERE to make an appointment.

Advisement for Enrollment: Graduate Students

Graduate students should meet with the graduate advisor (Dr. Park) before enrollment each semster.
Download (the Plan of Study) form
Email ( the updated plan of study form before meeting with Dr. Park.