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Welcome to the Department of Computer Science

The Department offers four baccalaureate programs of study: B.S. in Computer Science (major code 6100), ABET(*) Accredited, B.S. in Computer Science - Applied (major code 6101), and B.S. in Computer Science - Information Science (major code 6102), and B.S. in Software Engineering (major code 6110) The four degrees reflect the diverse interests of our students.

The Department also offers, jointly with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, M.S. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

Department has nine regular faculty members whose interests include software engineering, computer network and security, database systems, mobile computing, e-commerce systems, artificial intelligence, operating systems, computer architecture, and programming language translators.

The Department serves more majors than any other department in the state, and more students graduate from the University of Central Oklahoma with degrees in Computer Science than from any other institution of higher education in Oklahoma. Faculty members in the Department are proud to be part of the number one department of Computer Science in the State of Oklahoma.

Department facilities include classrooms that are fully equipped with multimedia projectors, smartboards and computers to make live demonstrations of computer science fundamentals. Students and faculty members have a personal computer laboratory, three LINUX servers, and one Mac server for their use to complete course assignments and perform research.

Picture of the MCS Building

We encourage you to explore our web site and we welcome your questions. Send your questions to our chairperson, Dr. Gang Qian,, or to the faculty member of your choice.

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(*) Accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,